MS Cayman Islands Every Step Counts. A support site and community for persons living with multiple sclerosis in the Cayman Islands


Thank you for visiting  This site is designed to assist persons with MS or persons who care for those with MS.  MS - Multiple Sclerosis - is thought to be an autoimmune disease.  What is certain is that MS is different for each person that has it.  Some of their symptoms can be similar and even the same, but their degree of disability and discomfort varies from individual to individual.  It also varies from day to day.

We have drawn heavily from the Multiple Sclerosis International Foundation ( for the information that is provided on this site - and we have included a few other resources that we hope help those specifically living in the Cayman Islands with this disease.  Typically, heat is a substantial factor for symptoms in MS.  Those living in the Cayman Islands or other extremely hot places, may find it more difficult to manage day to day symptoms of MS. We have provided some useful links and information to hopefully assist with these heat related symptoms.  Please be sure to visit our links page to access information on cooling devices, special diets suggestions and other information.

Remember - with MS....every step counts.